If you are a state (non-grammar) school student, please email us from your official school email address and let us know what you need help with in your medical school application. Our team of 30 tutors has helped over 40 medical applicants this past few months alone, and we endeavour to do much more!

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If you're a current medical student, you are welcome to join our team! Email us your contact details, your credentials regarding entry exams, university offers and A-level grades. Let us know what exactly you're willing to help our with, including personal statements and interview prep!

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Wow, wow, wow. It has been amazing. This programme has helped me sooooooo much and it motivates me to do my best and study exceptionally, despite the worldly circumstances.

I’m truly enjoying the mentoring program so far. So far we have had one chemistry lesson and I enjoyed the interaction between myself & Simi. I found it very useful when she asked me questions and tried to get me to recall knowledge myself without assistance from the internet. I have also had the opportunity to ask her questions that I’ve been curious about, including university, the application process etc. I have liked how it’s easy to contact her and she always provides me with enough depth of detail that answers my questions.

I would like to say that the programme is amazing . Although I intially had miscommunications with my tutor we managed to sort that out as we designated a few days of the week and hours into study time . It is really good as I manage to address my own problems with the tutor and they take their time out to address the issue with you and provide exam questions and also provide an insight into the medical life . However , to improve I believe that if possible every student after the first few initial sections would be given like a mini exam or test on what they have learnt to see if they actually understand the topic . I think me and my tutor are going to this but I really recommend it to everyone else .

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